Tuesday, February 20, 2018
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Ever wonder how your parents feel about death dying? It is often a question most of us rather not ask nor be prepared to hear. Advance care planning involves starting a discussion by asking your parents have they given any thought about medical care when the diagnosis may be grim, or even related to end of life care. 

The type of decisions that would need to made under these circumstances can be overwhelming.  I like to remember that fear keeps us from participating in discussion, and it is important for those who are appointed health care proxy or power of attorney of healthcare, know what the elder wishes when its time. Many of us are confronted with making these decisions at a time, when one is also dealing with strong emotions regarding the love one's medical situation. Knowing what your love one wants at the time of serious illness or injury, is equally important as directing the medical care.

It is important to let the elder feel safe with the decision being made and equally safe knowing the proxy will do what is asked of him. No matter how old you are it helps others to know what type of medical care you want. It also allows your love one to express their desires, wishes, values and what they consider end of life. Some of those decisions are

  • CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation)
  • Ventilator use
  • Artificial nutrition (tube feeding) or artificial hydration (intravenous fluids)
  • Comfort Care
In addition you will need to go a step further when a love one has Alzheimer Disease. For further information contact:

Making your wishes Known are through legal documents such as Durable Power of attorney for Health Care, DNR form and POLST are important documents to learn and know about. 

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