Estate Planning

Friday, April 08, 2016
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Last week I received from my Alma Mater Perspectives on Planning. It got me thinking of Mark Twain's parody..." Never put off till tomorrow what you can do today."

As a RN in the aging profession I looked at this as an opportunity to look at my own personal estate planning.

So here are some estate planning perspective questions I am starting to address:
1. Is my will/trust in order?
2. Does it reflect all recent life changes?
3. Do I need to revise who is the POA to provide management of affairs if I am incapacitated?
4. Have I made a list of personal property items and who is to receive each?
5. Have I completed and compiled information about assets, bank accounts deeds, insurance policies financial advisors and inform the person I have designated where the information is located?
6.Have I executed a living will setting forth my wishes about medical treatment?
7. Have I reviewed my beneficiary designations of life insurance policies/retirement accounts?
8. What do I know about estimated taxes and other expenses that might be due upon death...

I realized all of this is in context with my potential retirement plan to ensure the quality of life remains when I stop working.

Our Elder Care Tool Kit does a great job in helping our clients to begin the dialogue of pre-planning.
Now we have more work to do!