Happy New Year

Tuesday, January 19, 2016
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Another year another commitment?

I think my commitment is settling on my contentment for life.

Here are my commitments I hope will bring lasting results in being content.

Exercise: We all need it and we know it is good for you. Exercise is the only constant element. It makes a difference in health. For example it helps with weight management,disease management, and mental health. Exercise helps with range of motion, and agility. A brisk walk in the am is my constant.

Getting up early: Yes it is hard and getting the hard stuff out of the way is more of a challenge. Yes that means getting up and doing it first thing. Those lingering thoughts of what you have to do and the lasting results set the tone for a better day. So write those pestering emails, letters, and send those cards.

Giving: Did you give thanks today? Did you remember to give thanks for all that is with you, for you, and near you?

Give to others: Giving... with no expectations of receiving anything in return. Do you I know my boundaries? I do find giving freely does make me feel better and lessens the burden of hurt feelings.

Ah Yes: Look on the sunny side of life. That's right sing your way to being grateful. Especially for those things that are present, healthy, and loving.

Smile: don't forget a smile!
When you smile others smile too.

Should we mention food...smaller portions!

Happy New Year!