Home Care Coordination

Saturday, August 21, 2010
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Anything from misguided information, harmful drug interactions, duplicate tests and procedures, conflicting diagnoses to contradictory medical instructions,our health care system is letting us down. Doctors should be team leaders and talk to one another. Medical records should be easy to access and patients and families should not have to spend days, hours advocating for themselves.

Start by asking questions, who is the team leader, can this person communicate with others such as the client, the family member, and other disciplines, and is there a team? Should you consider outside resources for safe, reliable and confidential home care, is there someone who is managing and administrating safe care.

The new health care law addresses concerns by making a number of changes to the current health care system which promote higher quality and better coordinated care and focus more on patient outcomes and patient- centeredness and care coordination.

The new law will address these concerns with the Home Medical Practice Pilot Program. This pilot program will attempt to provide Medicare beneficiaries who have multiple chronic conditions with coordinated primary care services in their homes from a team of health care professionals. The program is set to begin January 2012. Home Care Coordination is the key to successful aging in place. Our elders deserve someone at the helm directing the team.