Managing Care for those with Cognitive Impairement

Tuesday, October 31, 2017
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Managing the elder with cognitive impairment can be a daunting experience and often can have one feeling hopeless. There are many signs of memory loss that can easily be explained  through screenings, diagnostics, and evaluations, all which can offer several benefits.

If you have concerns or witness problems with memory and thinking it is time to consider to speak with your MD. Medicare now covers screening for memory loss in the wellness portion of the health care plan and can prepare you for next steps for treating, addressing safety concerns, manage underlying diseases such as Diabetes, learning about caregiving and identify other sources of support. 

Developing a plan that safely manages the elder in the least restrictive environment can be the first step in providing care and advocating for the best outcomes.  

Communicating with your elder who is challenged by memory loss can be tricky but with the right guidance you can learn effective communication tools that can help you and your elder in creating a safe and loving home. 

Integrating all the services is just as important and knowing who you can recieve the support is equally important and essential in developing the care plan.

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