Medication Non-Adherence why it happens

Thursday, January 22, 2015
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The World health Organization has identified medication non- adherence as one of the primary reasons for re-admissions to the hospital.

Here are some statistics and reasons why people choose not to take or be consistent with prescribed medications.


75% report they are not consistent

60% cannot name medications

20% take medications prescribed for others

33% never fill the prescriptions


To expensive, lack of coordination among key players( client and MD's), lack of understanding, complex treatments, multiple prescriptions, fear from side effects, and personal factors such as beliefs, lifestyle, and culture.

As a RN case manager, I begin to address these issues at the first meeting. Everyone in the health care system has an important role. From client to care attendants, to MD's to payor's... they all play a significant role in improving and administering the prescribed medication. Only licensed home health agencies such as ours, allows the RN to perform the nursing assessment, interface with the MD to adjust and/or add medications to improve the client's condition and quality of care.

Educating the client and families are also important factors for adherence. The RN nursing role is essential and instrumental in helping clients and families feel more comfortable and confident about the prescribed drug treatment.

Our medication management program with an emphasis on patient centered approach, allows us to provide skill care in administration of medications, to help in the areas of improving patient care, improve quality of care and above all patient safety.