Party chats

Wednesday, February 22, 2017
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Last week I hosted a friend's 70 birthday. We all gathered to celebrate not only the person but the number of years on this planet. Our group represented many ages and each one interacted in the first stage of the party as if we were in the same cohort group. Younger folk were cheerful, engaging with the median age of fifty six. Their enthusiasm had us all cheerful while we heard about new travel adventures, new technology, new ideas and most importantly reminiscing the good old days leaving a lasting feeling soaked in treasured memories. The weather was perfect. In fact it was the only sunny and warm day we have had in months.

As I passed out appetizers I was often caught in the discussion of a small group of women, sharing what was physically going on. It was usually two to four women,comparing health and ailments. No sooner would I leave one group I would be in the midst of another discussion regarding health and welfare. It was then I finally realized people have to share their aches and pains to check in, see if anyone else feels the same, a shared group discussion kinda thing...and comparing it to...yes, each other.

I think as we age, we periodically need a check in with our cohort group. We need to feel we are doing ok, do we have the support we need to deal with these aches and pains, knowing those aches and pains can and will turn into something else.

It is equally important for the elder to have a check in with either a son or daughter but also with a cohort friend. Some older adults need a tad more and in some cases a trusted source to help them know when they feel those feel aches and pains, are others too?

Therapy often can help with the challenges often associated with aging. It can help manage emotions, fears, and find new ways to gain meaningful ways to experience life. Family members also can benefit because it can help in improving communication issues especially if the elder is struggling with cognitive impairment or depression.

Their is greater awareness with elders seeking talk therapy these days mainly due to our attitudes changing in accepting its ok to check in. In fact, Research shows older adults benefit from therapy as they realize their time is limited and therefore obtain results quicker than younger people.

It may be challenging to get an older adult to a therapist, but Medicare can cover therapies, and finding the right counselor is equally important.

Party chats, therapist helps.