Re-Framing Aging Conversations

Monday, July 09, 2018
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Communities are talking and asking questions how we can change the views on Ageism. In 2014 AARP took on the task defining what it means to grow old and how words change our perceptions along with our ideas for living in our communities. The further we investigate how general society looks at aging, the further we can prepare for the growth of aging America. The facts are here, 85 y/o populations are projected to triple from 6.2 million to 14.6 in 2014 while our younger group population ( 0-19 ) will continue to decrease.

Our communities need to support the growth of our aging society without negative perceptions but with dignity, wisdom and a little wit and humor. Slowly ASA is gaining momentum by working with the Framing Academy, discussing topics such as what is in a name, cultural models, stories to stop telling, to name a few.  Gerontologists and other health professionals are learning new modules to help educate and shape new narratives for aging. Re-framing aging is designed to create a new definition and understanding of  ageism. How one perceives aging changes how one lives and sustains community.

American Society on Aging is working non-stop with AARP do design what we call Livability Index or Livability Communities. Their information on is important to improve the lives of elders in our communities.


Check out ASA ( American Society on Aging ) for more information on Re_framing Aging at :


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