When a family member is resistant to receive advice or help when caring for your aging parent.

Friday, September 30, 2016
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Aging is a reality and it is emotional for everyone. Whatever he or she feels about aging the individual processes it on their terms, their coping strategies, and their reality.

I am often asked by siblings why can't we all be on the same page, why are we at odds at each other's input, how can I get across to my siblings I want more to happen! I am not a psychotherapist I am a registered nurse with years or hands on experience. Throughout this time, I often found what works....take the high road, be empathetic, and listen.

The person asking for such is likely the family member who has always asked questions, questioned the status quo. taken on responsibility and maybe more.

It's challenging but there are some options. I often recommend talking with a therapist to discuss how you can verbalized your feelings so that the receiver feels empowered, respected, and heard. It may feel like a stretch during these difficult times, but having time to think things through will help.

Another option is to find a third party that can facilitate the discussion among all siblings. Having a third party who is knowledgable in the areas of caring for elders is a must. Their is a degree of expertise and experience that can help family members realize it's not uncommon to feel a certain way, you are not alone, and with the correct guidance all family members can strive for one outcome...creating a safe caring path mutually agreed upon.

Hang in there!