Elder Care Plan

Elder Care Plan - The CARES MODEL


The CARES MODEL was designed to help our clients understand the aging process. We can provide a thorough in-house assessment identifying key components for safety and wellness in the living environment. Families like having the choice of using our Health Navigation or Nursing assessment services. We identify nursing concerns and develop a comprehensive guided care plan that is specific to your needs. Utilizing Care Solutions for Elders’ CAREs Model, our plan will focus on allowing the elder to remain in the least restrictive environment while balancing their ADL (Activity of Daily Living) functions with medical requirements.

Our recommendations may include suggestions for home modification, purchase of home safety equipment, medical referrals, information regarding the cost of long-term care options, caregivers, local support, etc. While exploring the various care options we will work to ensure that the care plan runs parallel to your financial plan and will continually evaluate and adjust as necessary as the needs of your elder change over time. We work to create a plan that is clear, consisting of best safe practices that ensure the welfare and happiness of your elder and provide you peace of mind. We believe you should have choices.
Our goal is to provide the safest and cost effective care planning to help elders remain in their homes as long as possible.

As Case Managers we have extensive experience in all stages of elder care and can effectively interface with doctors, attorneys, trust officers and financial planners. We work to provide continuity of care and eliminate duplication of services by closely partnering with medical staff, discharge planners and other care services.

Our goal is to provide the safest and cost effective care planning to help elders remain in their homes as long as possible. We provide straight-forward information to help families make the best decisions for their loved ones as they age in place.

Elder Care Plan Services

Care Solutions for Elders offers Elder Care Guidance with our consultations, either in person or over the phone, Whether your questions are simple or complex, we can help you gain the knowledge you need to feel confident and move forward in the best way possible to ensure the happiness and welfare of you and your elder. Our clients often say they wished they came to us first to help them navigate the healthcare paradigm. 

Caring for an aging parent or loved one can present difficult challenges. Whether you have suddenly been faced with responsibilities of eldercare due to a crisis, such as a fall or hospitalization, or you are starting to see the need for care for an individual based upon mishaps or warning signs, the questions of how to proceed can be overwhelming. Our expertise provides the client and family members with

  • Collecting demographics to complete personal profile
  • Aggregating medical documents and reviewing medical history, including hospitalizations, orders and medications
  • Development of personalized Care Plan, the synthesis of relevant information, recommended steps and resources with specific contacts for meeting medical and emotional health goals
  • Identifying, reviewing and consulting with home care agencies, and private resources

As part of your guided care plan we can address these and much more.

  • Nursing Assessments/Coordination of health care services
  • Resources identified specially for the client need
  • Understanding Medicare and/or primary health care insurances
  • Home Care evaluation
  • Life Care Planning assessments
  • Hospice and Palliative Care assessments and referrals
  • Dementia Care Planning
  • Consultation with guided care plan and/or nursing assessment
  • Act as a liaison to families at a distance to oversee the care of an elder for out-of town families.
  • Providing extensive resources for In-home personal care assistance
  • Community-Based Care Transition Management - Assisting and coordinating with transition between home and a retirement community, assisted care facility, or nursing hom
  • Medical equipment and emergency response systems
  • Referrals to Visiting nurses, physical therapy or other
  • Professional Documentation
  • Veteran assistance and information
  • Assistance with insurance paperwork( Long Term Care, Medicare Appeals, Medi-cal planning)