Elder Life Care Planning

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 We Advocate for your Elder

We are licensed as Home Health Agency and Life Care Planners. Therefore we support each family through the process of eldercare. Our health care model advocates for best practices and outcomes for the elder. Our licensed Home Health Agency division was acquired over 10 years ago to provide the administration and oversight of medications. Our license is based on Title XXII which adheres to strict guidelines and procedures. Licensed Home Health Agencies can provide skilled care such as medications administration or reconciliation.

Only Home Health Licensed agencies can administer, monitor, and make changes per MD orders and provide the care plan. Our unique collaboration of Nursing and Health Navigation expertise allows us to provide in depth knowledge in elder care, the health care system, while keeping up to date with new healthcare laws and bridge the care during any transition.

Transitions no longer end after a hospitalization or skilled nursing facility. Our clinical expertise is important to implement actions and make adjustments while at home. There are many stressful contributors such as family dynamics, financial pressures, legal issues, ever-changing medical needs, and a complex health care system. Our Life Care Planning simplifies the quest to understand or know how to proceed.

Coordinating the care from hospital to skilled nursing and then to home is important step to avoid readmission. Understanding your medications, monitoring your medications, monitoring your activities restricted, are important for a successful transitional process.

Our Advocacy services with over 30 years of experience in Geriatric care can help you navigate the complexities of care by offering oversight, management and support. 

Counseling and managing your elder care can be complex and emotionally draining. Care Solutions for Elders can provide the peace of mind and direction for care. Our clients often express our approach helped them understand the health care system, financial pathways, legal issues, and the best solution for caregiving before and during the crisis. Our goal is to educate the consumer and provide choices.

Care Solutions for Elders offers advocacy services to reduce the pressures and challenges of caring for an elder.