Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions
  • Can I arrange for an interview?

    Yes we provide a free 15 minute consultation and conduct home assessments once a paying client to address your specific care needs and medical considerations.

    Our geriatric expertise addresses your concerns to determine your specific care needs. Depending on your needs we will be able to answer your questions and provide guidance and trusted resources to get you headed in the right direction. You may opt for an in-person assessment which can provide additional information regarding the care required.

  • Do our mental abilities inevitably decline as we age?

    Research shows our aging brains don't indicate cognitive decline over our lifespan. In fact, as we age our emotional management is often more skilled to handle more complex thinking. Performance often can decline which can affect tasks requiring fast information processing along with commitment to details to memory.

    Cognitive impairment, on the other hand, is when a person has trouble remembering, learning new things, concentrating, or making decisions that affect their everyday life. Cognitive impairment ranges from mild to severe.

  • Does Medicare pay for custodial care?

    Unfortunately Medicare does not cover any assistance with personal care or what may be called non-medical needs.

    We can though assist and consult with you in finding cost effective ways that help families and their live ones find care services.

  • How do I recognize the signs of normal memory loss as we age vs a more serious condition like Alzheimer’s Dementia?

    We can point you to great resources in the community to recognize the signs. We can also conduct memory assessments and based on educational, preliminary findings help tailor a step by step approach to memory wellness.

  • I am in the healthcare field, how do I make a referral?

    Please provide signed HIPPA agreement so we can make contact. We encourage your participation in the assessment and care plan process.

  • My mother has depression and anxiety can you help?

    We have been working with our aging population for over 30 years and many of our clients are challenged by depression. We offer extensive resources, guidance and help that many include:

    • Review diagnosis and promote optimal health management examining all aspects of treatments and care
    • Assisting with optimizing physical and psychological well being
    • Identifying and assisting with your treatment plan
    • Review, detect and assist with managing challenging behaviors
    • Provide information and long-term support to caregivers and family members
  • What are some of the programs I may be eligible to apply for?

    Depending on your needs and circumstances, you may be eligible for assistance from various state and federally-funded programs.

  • What sets you apart from other private care managers?

    We recognize the unique attributes of our clients and families. Some people just need to better understand their options and how to navigate through the healthcare system if their loved one is hospitalized and needs to recover over a series of weeks or months. While others need more hands-on management due to time and distance constraints. We do both.